Bigger shelters are much needed, and they rehome a lot more cats than a small shelter can, but a small group of cats really need this small home-based environment to flourish. That’s why Rob & Robin started OSCAR, to be a home for this group of “special cats”.

From the beginning, requests to foster FIV+ cats have been by far the most numerous. Because bigger shelters often don’t have enough room to separate the FIV+ cats from the groups of healthy cats, they tend to end up in smaller enclosures. For this reason, OSCAR  has dedicated a living room to foster a group of FIV+ cats.

Because FIV+ does have an impact on the cat’s immune system, OSCAR balances the benefit of moving to their shelter with the stress this move is causing. Therefore, kind of naturally, OSCAR fosters mostly the more shy, more sick, and older cats.

OSCAR is an official Belgian shelter, but does not receive any government funding. They rely solely on donations. Getting by is far from easy, and therefore the spots available for fostering are adapted to the funds available. If you are able to, please help us help our special cats –> SUPPORT