Robin was born in a small Belgian town in 1988. Throughout her childhood, she was begging her parents for a cat almost every day. While her parents never adopted (or purchased) a cat, the street she lived in growing up was a very popular spot for strays. And her family welcomed them all! From very young to pregnant to very old. Loving each and every one of them with whole their hearts.

Being all grown up, Robin has cared for all kinds of cats. From newborn to very old, over pregnant to injured and very sick. In the shelter, she focuses mostly on the FIV+ and very shy cats.




Rob was born in Neerpelt in 1988. When he was a little boy, he wanted a pet as well. He wasn’t as picky: any pet would do. But because his dad was super-allergic, he grew up without pets. Strangely enough, he turned out just fine.

His cat-career started when he met Robin. And I guess cat-love is quite contagious as he is now caring for cats as if he never did anything else: cleaning, cuddling and giving medication. They are all on his day-to-day list. In the shelter, Rob focuses mostly on the introduction of new cats to the group and providing plenty of TLC for the very old cats.



If it were up to these two, they would take in all the cats that have to life outside on the streets, all the cats that have nobody to love them, all the cats that are euthanized because looking for solutions to their problems takes too much. If they could, they would save them all. And although that sounds like a mission impossible, Rob & Robin try: one stray at a time. With this shelter, and your help, life will be better for at least a fair share of “OSCAR-cats”. Although the shelter is not very big, for every cat that gets adopted there is room for another. And step by step, cat by cat, it will make a difference.